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When Saturday Comes No 378 September 2018

REGULARS 5 Editorial England may have performed better than expected in Russia but they still need more young players to get a chance at top clubs 6 Sidelines Birmingham’s owners bring the trophies home; Bobby Robson film shows what modern managers are missing; Brickstand FC – bu i l d i ng a new c lub ; l i s t en c a r e f u l l y t o the sounds of football; YouTubers invade nonLeague; money madness in the game 12 Shot! Coleraine host Serbian club Spartak Subotica in the Europa League first qualifying round 15 Harry Pearson column When imparting football wisdom upon the uninitiated you have a huge responsibility to get your facts right 56 Books Brian Flynn’s academy; golden olden days examined; Carlton Palmer’s tall stories; Graeme Souness has his say 58 Letters I remember when Bob Marley came to Ninian

Park, though the Pope was far more popular…

62 Season in brief Division Three gets an influx of cash and foreign stars in 1996-97

FEATURES 16 Grouping together Mark Lawrenson scatters dad jokes among spectaculargoalsandimpressiveunderdogs 24 This is England Just when you thought you’d given up;

big screenexperiences; social climbers 28 Split screen BBC plump for technology over substance;

a r g ument s a nd ente r t a i nment at I T V 32 You had to be there In Saint Petersburg there was no hint of trouble as the Russian people welcomed tourists 34 Germanic tribes Questions are finally being asked of Joachim

Löw after a shambolic tournament 35 Chaotic fashion An underperforming Lionel Messi was the l e a s t of A r gent i n a ’s problem s t h i s s ummer 36 Knocking off Penalties, national pride and the next Pelé?

The 2018 World Cup gets serious 42 Swede dreams A stereotypical performance that was welcomed by most of the country 43 Bel’s curve Rober t o Ma r t í ne z f i n a l l y impre s s e s w i t h h i s golden generation – though they just miss out


To show commitment to serious journalism, Pougatch asks Lee Dixon to “touch on” the political situation World Cup TV review p28

44 Camera obscura An a l t e r n at i ve lo ok at Ru s s i a 2018 , i nc lud i ng some spectacular diving 46 Champs all easy France’s long-term strategy for their youth system will pay off for years to come 47 Trouble back home Croatia’s run was made more incredible by the mayhem that reigns over their domestic game 48 Writers’ competition winners Manchester United are welcome in the women’s game – if only they’d earned it; the dedicated world of fans’ leagues; bad football but warm feelings at West Brom 53 Surveying the scene Have your say on everything from VAR to

World Cup commentators in our survey

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