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16 Regular Sections Included within this issue is the launch of Japan House London, Hamburg’s 2018 photography Triennial and Olafur Eliasson’s first building.


24 Spatial Recognition James Casebere devises table-top arrangements, offering constructed sets and deceptive images that focus on the elements of colour and light.

38 National Construction Oliver Wainwright provides an intriguing glimpse into North Korea’s pastel interiors and fantastical structures – from offices to swimming pools.

44 Surreal Interactions Brooke DiDonato’s uncanny worlds are driven by human emotions; each page presents a different scenario where nature seems to be rewritten.

54 Urban Algorithms Esther Hovers’ False Positives series utilises data from intelligent surveillance cameras to assess what qualifies as suspicious human behaviour.

64 Changing Perspectives Considering the breadth of materials available in today’s world, Seetal Solanki investigates the past, present and future of international design.

70 Visions of the City Stripping buildings back to simplistic lines and forms, Kevin Krautgartner draws upon the rise in architectural tourism and aesthetic minimalism.

80 Intricate Customisation The possibilities of computer-aided design and numerical control are foregrounded in Dana K. Gulling’s research, mapping architectural futures.

86 Moments of Isolation Supporting emerging talents in the industry, this edition of Aesthetica marks the fifth instalment of Next Generation, in partnership with LCC.

98 Inspiring Minimalism Emerging brands Gayeon Lee and Matter Matters produce garments that are made to last, using art as inspiration and individuality as an incentive.

104 Historic Inspiration Romain Veillon’s photographs inhabit a world of testimony and nostalgia, documenting buildings that have been abandoned by lost populations.

118 Points of Departure Sally Ann and Emily May Gunawan’s cover shoot uses the landscape as a compositional tool; blue skies and open seas create dynamic backdrops.




130 Gallery Reviews Featured within this issue: Smithsonian American Art Museum, Fondazione Prada, Hayward Gallery, The Hepworth Wakefield, Camera Work and ICP.

135 Youthful Narratives Desiree Akhavan gives a voice to American teens; her latest film is based on Emily M. Danforth’s novel The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

137 Digital Inspiration Youtube sensation Emma Blackery presents her first full-length album; Villains is a pop-fuelled debut that explores themes from the digital age.


138 The Ideological Structure Architects’ houses are brought into the spolight in a compelling publication; notable figures include Jennifer Beningfield and Robert Konieczny.

Artists’ Directory 152 Textural Imaginations The August / September selection includes artists working with various media and multidisciplinary practices, from sculpture and painting to design.

Last Words

162 Thomas Wrede With a new show at Von der Heydt, WuppertalBarmen, Wrede draws a line between reality and artifice, engaging with alternative perceptions.

Aesthetica Magazine is trade marked worldwide. © Aesthetica Magazine Ltd 2018.

ISSN 1743-2715.

All work is copyrighted to the author or artist. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced without permission from the publisher.

Published by Cherie Federico and Dale Donley.

Aesthetica Magazine PO Box 371, York, YO23 1WL, UK (0044) (0)844 568 2001 Newstrade Distribution Warners Group Publications plc.

Gallery & Specialist Distribution Central Books.

Printed by Warners Midlands plc.

The Aesthetica Team Editor: Cherie Federico Assistant Editor: Kate Simpson Digital Assistant: Eleanor Sutherland Staff Writer: David Martin

Advertising Coordinator: Jeremy Appleyard Marketing Coordinator: Hannah Skidmore Artists’ Directory Coordinator: Katherine Smira

Production Director: Dale Donley Designer: Laura Tordoff Administrator: Cassandra Weston Marketing & Administration Assistant: Sophie Lake Technician: Andy Guy Events Assistant: Roisin Mullins Marketing & Administration Interns: Keira Barnard, Georgie Reid

Contributors: Agata Toromanoff, Tom Seymour, Laura May Todd, Stephanie Strasnick, Beth Webb, Charlotte R-A, Gunseli Yalcinkaya.

Reviewers: Olivia Hampton, Louis Soulard, Selina Oakes, Sara Jaspan, Sarah Jilani, Matt Swain, Kyle Bryony, Paul Risker, James Mottram, Grace Caffyn, Tony Earnshaw, Carolina Mostert.

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