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She wrote about Kilmainham Jail, the women objectors gathering outside, the usual TallyHo of the Cumann Na mBan screeching & roaring, making a showof themselves, although she had gone down to see herself. Two respectable middle-aged women said the rosaryoutside the gates, theyhad chairs to sit on, brought speciallybytheir sons. Theyimpressed her of course, the snob she is. Theysaid that if there wasn’t censorship of the Republicans in the first place girls wouldn’t have been arrested for painting on walls. Mrs Hayes herself wouldn’t excuse them, she said she could rupture the envelope with news of the Cumann Na mBan capers. The respectable women insisted there was ill treatment of the prisoners & even though she didn’t believe a word of it, Mrs Hayes worried about Eileen’s cough.


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