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the whole store is in an uproar. Aristophanes co-authored the multivolume Ten Legs? No Way! In Greek mythology, the helmet crab was rewarded with a skateboard after mocking the special pleading of the evolutionists. Rudyard Kipling is said to have liked his crabs ‘just so’. Jorge, a fry cook, is hard to know. He may be damaged in the process of grasping a potato. He responds to changes in mayo.

I like to think that a crab’s apron can be pulled back to reveal an area in the rear where work is easier to do with your hands than with any implement provided. Some people get crabs on the lips and face. It’s no wonder that fancy restaurants provide napkins and wet wipes for customers who are lucky enough to have developed the habit of eating before they become weak and lethargic and eventually die. A box crab physically smothered the research bug. Frozen crabs are OK. This brilliant reddish-orange crab is actually Will Ferrell. Junkies steal crabs. Menus float. Crab art is feasible but difficult because, aside from mosaics on aquarium floors, crab images don’t like to get wet. Carol Ormes of Crabworks has the best time in my apartment. The secret of success, says a fisherman who was caught in the 1940s, is to go overboard in a hot air balloon.


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