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CONTENTS No. 310 September/October 2018




10 FIVE STEPS TO SAVE OUR SEAS Bianca Jagger calls for a concerted effort to tackle plastics pollution in our oceans 14 CYCLONES, SPEEDBOATS AND RISING TIDES Ocean conservation will only succeed if local knowledge is valued, writes Thembi Mutch 17 THE LIGHT OF DARK Kate Blincoe enjoys a night out with bats and constellations for company 18 DEEP TROUBLE Oliver Tickell meets a marine biologist with tales of woe and wonder from the sea

Cover image: Milano Garden by Beppe Giacobbe


22 SCIENCE, SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION Fritjof Capra argues that new scientific discoveries reveal connections with a spiritual view of life


26 LESSONS FROM THE PEOPLES OF THE LAND Gleb Raygorodetsky on what we can learn from

Indigenous cultures about responses to climate change 30 GREENS COUNT THE COST OF

POWER SHARING Richard Orange reports on coalition blues as Sweden heads to the polls Fresh perception: Felicia Norton and Charles Smith on Sufi traditions of cultivating intimacy with the Earth Living creatively: Chris Brogan on the child psychology of Donald Winnicott Sense of belonging: Andrew Rumsey on a place for the parish Natural patterns: in our online gallery, some of the Nature-inspired work of Amy Genser

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September/October 2018

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