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Ethics without God

Kai Nielsen In Ethics without God Professor Nielsen explores the relationship between morality and religion and concludes that morality cannot be based on religion, as Is often supposed. There is no need for despair in a Godless world. A secular, consequentialist ethic provides man with real purpose in life and with consistent principles on which to base his search for intrinsic goodness— for which happiness, selfconsciousness, and a sense of self-identity are the main candidates. Cloth £1.40, Paper 60p Pemberton Publishing Co. 88 Islington High St., London, IM1

A Catholic IHumanist

Population vs. Liberty lockParsons

Dialogue: ‘There is no such thing as a true humanismwithout Christ.’ PopePaulVI in his 1969 Christmasmessage.

448 PP £1.20

Edited byPaul Kurtz and Albert Dondeyne

Excellent study

The Times

A tremendous amount of valuable material... the message Is right and terribly urgent TLS This dilemma of the conflict of freedom is excellently summed-up in Population Versus Liberty.

Donald Gould, New Statesman

Provocative study.

Daily Express

Mr Parsons does a good job in developing his concept of 'the ecology of liberty'. Catholic Herald His book is valuable in showing the scope and nature of the necessary arguments and in demonstrating by example that reason must replace slogan and counterslogan. Eugenics Society Bulletin

Pemberton Publishing Co. 88 Islington High St., London N.l

Canhumanismwithout Christ be anauthentic humanism? Are faith inmanand concern for man’s ethical dimensions hindered by a commitment to God?

Education is avital issue in anyconsideration of the ‘open’ society. Must it be organised on a strictly secular basis or is there scope for religious pluralism?

The Catholic/Humanist Dialogue held in Brussels inOctober 1970, sponsored by the International Humanist andEthical Union and theVatican Secretariat for Un-believers, brought together some thirtyparticipants. This book contains themainpapers presented, critical comments on those papers and general reflections on the themes of theDialogue.

A PEMBERTON BOOK Cloth £2-50, Paper 9»P

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