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The OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY are the study and dissemination of ethical principles and the cultivation of a rational religious sentiment.

An Appeal for Endowment and Membership

THE South Place Ethical Society is historically descended from a religious group formed in 1793 by Elhanan Winchester, of Massachusetts, U.S.A. In 1823-4 this congregation built the Chapel in South Place, Finsbury, well known as a home of progressive religious thought during the ministry of William Johnson Fox, and in more recent times of Dr. Moncure D. Conway. Under the leadership o f these two men, and especially during Conway's ministry, the theological creed of the congregation gradually gave place to a modern outlook. But its old seriousness remained, expressing itself now in concern for moral and intellectual progress, and especially for liberty of thought and speech.

For many years the function of minister has been discontinued in favour o f a rota of regular lecturers. A t the present time these are Professor G. W. Keeton, M.A., LL.D., C. E. M. Joad, M.A., D.Lit., and S. K. Ratcliffe. Other eminent lecturers are also engaged. The Sunday meeting, although the Society’s chief activity, is normally one of many; but at present it is only practicable to supplement it by a monthly Sunday afternoon social gathering. The Conway Memorial Lecture is still delivered annually in honour of the Society’s most famous leader. A very important activity which it has been compelled to suspend is the Sunday Evening Chamber Music Concerts, which, inaugurated in 1887, completed their fifty-third season in 1940.

The attractive modern premises known as Conway Hall were erected by the Society when its old chapel ceased to meet requirements. They comprise a large hall to seat 500, a small hall to seat 100, a library, club-room, and other offices. It is necessary to let these extensively in order that the Society may pay its way. The Trustees would therefore welcome contributions to the Endowment Fund, so that letting to outside bodies may be reduced; but the well-being o f the Society depends on a steady addition to the Membership. The Society provides a social and cultural centre for those who appreciate the importance of free inquiry in Religion and Ethics as well as for those who have left the orthodox Churches.

The amount of the subscription is optional, with a minimum o f 10s. per annum. Members receive free o f charge a copy o f The Monthly Record, in which are published summaries o f Supd^jr morning lectures. It also provides special articles, book reviews, announcements, etc.

All communications should be ai the Secretary, at Conway Hall.

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