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When Saturday Comes No 379 October 2018

Plenty of spare seats at Bloomfield Road

REGULARS 5 Editorial L a L i g a h ave t a ken a b i g s t ep t o pl ay i ng g ames abroad – only fans and players can stop them 6 Sidelines Mov i ng d ay i n t he t r a n s f e r w i ndow ;

supporters’ groups merge; Nations League wide open; pitchforks out in Scotland; the man who made AC Milan 12 Shot! Welw y n Ga rde n C i t y hos t D i dcot i n t he

Southern League Division One Central 15 Harry Pearson column Recreation grounds across the country are home to football’s most innovative tactics 24 Focus on Bill Perry, the England international born in

South Africa who became a hero in Blackpool

Football often conflates biggest with best and the sheer scale of these goals steamrollers all other considerations Long-range goals p31

36 World view Foreign influx brings racism storm to China;

Uruguay’s youngsters taken over by agents 40 Books Worshipping Zinedine Zidane; Harry

Redknapp pops his Cherries; football’s greatest con artist; Scotland’s World Cup memories 42 Letters Talk of famous people making unexpected appea r a nce s at s t ad iu ms r em i nded me t h at …

46 Season in brief Future managerial legends make a name for themselves in the 1960-61 Division Two FEATURES 16 Cut and stick Pa n i n i ’s l ac k of f ema l e cove r a ge c au s e s a s t i r in Spain; the eccentric inventor who became k now n a s t he Footba l l Ca rd K i ng 18 Match of the month Visiting Portsmouth fans can sympathise with Blackpool supporters’ ongoing protests a g a i n s t t he i r c lub ’s ow ne r 22 Sign of the times Autograph hunting has gone from childish pastimetoruthlessindustry 23 Silent treatment A man who rarely attends games is now in control at Arsenal, and fans don’t like it


Protestors wave f lags bearing the message “Oyston Out” as a number of Portsmouth fans join in Blackpool v Portsmouth p18

26 Team spirit: Rochdale How memorabilia and history can prompt support; Spotland’s youth carry the f lag 28 Time and place The Saturday 3pm kick-off wasn’t always a favourite of fans or clubs; non-League teams are h av i ng huge s ucce s s mov i ng t o F r i d ay n i ght s 31 Long and short of it Scoring from your own half is guaranteed to delight those watching, despite its simplicity 34 Relaxed approach You don’t have to scream and shout to enjoy your football – just ask those in Germany 38 Tied up in Notts After voluntary relegation and years of financial turmoil, Worksop are edging back; Basford United rocket up the divisions

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