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Hacktivism >news p.2 >reviews p.3 / Olivier Sarrouy p.6 / A token called ART p.8 / Furtherfield (Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett) p.12 / E-Music >news p.16 >reviews p.17/ Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst p.20

.sounds p.24 / NewMediaArt >news p.30 >reviews p.31 / Martín Nadal p.33 / Sarah Friend p.36 / Ami Clarke p.40 / How is the Blockchain Transforming the Art World? p.44 / 5th meta.morf p.48 /Transmediale 2018 p.50

/ errata corrige > - Neural #58 “Minitel: Welcome to the Internet” has been written by Julien Mailland and Kevin Driscoll - Neural #59 “You, me and all these machines” was authored by Dmitry Morozov, alias ::vtol:: and Anastasia Tolchneva

Issue 60 / Summer 2018 / ISSN 2037-108X / Published by Associazione Culturale Neural / Registered in the Bari Court 3728/2009 / editor in chief > Alessandro Ludovico / issue co-editor > Rachel O'Dwyer / assistant editor > Aurelio Cianciotta / contributing writers > Josephine Bosma, Chiara Ciociola, Matteo Marangoni, Benedetta Sabatini / headlines poet > Nat Muller /special projects > Ivan Iusco, Chiara Ciociola / translations > Giuseppe Santoiemma /english editor > Calum Kerr /design > Carvalhais, Cruz, Candeias, Melo, / promotion and pr > Benedetta Sabatini /production manager & digital archivist > Cristina Piga /cover picture > ‘The Mirror’ Grinder-Man /print > SAGRAFsrl Via C. Colombo, Z.I. 70010 Capurso (I) /

> / Neural, via Lucarelli 16/I, I-70124 Bari (Italy) >

International Distribution ( EUROPE AND ASIA > Central Books, London (England) FRANCE > Les Presses du réel, Dijon (France) U.S.A. > Ubiquity, Brooklyn NY (U.S.A.) BRAZIL> Black and White, São Paulo (Brazil) AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND > Speedimpex Australia, Double Bay (Australia);

Olivier Sarrouy

A token called ART


Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst

Border Crossers

Martín Nadal

Sarah Friend

Ami Clarke

How is the Blockchain Transforming...

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