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Cover Magdalene Odundo – Two Vessels, graphite and ink drawing, 2010, H119cm. See page 51






Spin-Off & Review 14 What If... Peter Meanley reflects on forty years as a ceramist 15 Report Cultural diversity and craft at Touchstones, Rochdale 16 Report Contemporary crafts at Number 10 Downing Street 17 Out and About 19 Report A collaboration between ceramists and basket-makers 20 Review Gallery 24 Review Exhibitions and Books

64 Technical Yellow Glazes Linda Bloomfield offers an introduction 68 Technical Crafty Tools Kate Murtagh Sheridan gives a lesson in tool-making 70 Listings/Classified 79 A Potter’s Day Jon Gibbins shares his experience as a partially-sighted maker 80 Letters 82 Off-Centre Marshall Colman discusses the government position on apprenticeships isue 252 contents November/December 2 0 11

Features 30 Accidental Compositions Jo Davies talks to Sophie MacCarthy about her decorative approach 32 Graphic Pots Amanda Game considers the imagery in Grayson Perry’s work 35 Special Education Focus Sixteen-page supplement 36 Made In Britain Rosie Greenlees considers the state of play for ceramics education in the UK 37 For Discussion Jack Tan and James Rigler discuss the challenges facing ceramics education 38 Ceramics at Art School A survey of courses and colleges across the UK 44 Heritage of Harrow Alumni of Harrow School of Art share their thoughts and experiences 46 What Next! Philippa Sue Whiteside reveals the highlights and challenges of setting up alone 47 After the MA Tina Neale describes her experiences one year on from graduating 48 Learning Through Apprenticeship Fleen Doran affirms the merits of the Adopt A Potter scheme 51 Intimate Humanity Ashley Howard delights in the enigmatic drawings of potter Magdalene Odundo 56 Leaving the Corporate World Lawrence Epps uses clay to voice his concerns about corporate culture 60 Texts from the Past Zahed Tajeddin connects with the ancient world through cuneiform clay tablets Knowledge & Regulars 62 Residency After College J a n i e Ton k i n reports as ceramics intern-in-residence


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