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Turn Plastic Waste into a Resource!

ECOBRICK = Plastic stuffed bottle brick Plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash until they are compressed like bricks. These ecobricks are used around the world to build cob benches, houses, and school buildings.


Step 1 GATHER dry plastic bottles – similar sizes are best. For U.S. projects 20oz. plastic soda or energy drink bottles work well. SAVE CAP!

Step 2 SAVE your inorganic landfill trash. Keep a bag or bottle in your kitchen to collect. Make sure there is NO FOOD or LIQUID goop.

Items commonly found in bottle bricks: - Plastic Bags - Wrappers - Receipts - Cigarette Butts - Dental Floss - Twist-ties - Veggie stickers - Shiny paper - Gift wrap for easy reference.

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Step 3 COMPACT items inside the bottle using a stick or wooden spoon.

Make  sure  to  stuff  very  tightly  as  you  go.  Cut  large  items  into  smaller    pieces.  The goal is to compress as much trash as possible into the bottle.

Step 4 When bottle is STUFFED, screw on cap and give it the “squeeze” test. If there is a lot of give, add more trash and keep stomping.   Step 5 Create many ecobricks to build an Earthbench or other cob structure! Tell your friends, family and neighbors to help out! ORGANIZE environmental clean-ups and stuffing parties! A great project for schools!

For more information, please contact:

Peace On Earthbench Movement (POEM) WWW.EARTHBENCH.ORG

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