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BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE 4 News, deals and appointments from around Africa

COVER STORY: TAX 10 Boosting Africa’s tax revenues 16 Interview: Improving the effi ciency of Africa’s tax systems

THE BIG INTERVIEW 20 Slim Feriani, Minister for Industry and SMEs, Tunisia

FEATURES 28 Chinese influence grows 30 Where are African currencies heading? 32 China’s tech industry 37 Tutu Fellows column: Encouraging innovation 54 Closing Africa’s MSME finance gap 56 Safaricom’s competition battle 58 Turning round SAA 60 Interview: Lawrence Haddad,

Executive Director, GAIN 62 Botswana mulls hunting ban repeal

SPECIAL REPORT: OIL AND GAS 41 Africa’s oil and gas industry bounces back 52 Interview: Kola Karim, CEO, Shoreline Energy

SPECIAL REPORT: TOP BANKS 66 Africa’s top banks continue to grow 90 Interview: Dave van Niekirk, CEO, MyBucks

COUNTRYFILES 96 South Africa’s ‘Ramacession’ 98 Is Angola open for business? 100 Renewable power in Nigeria

ROUNDTABLE 104 How can Mozambique develop its agricultural sector?

BOOK REVIEW 112 Barclays in the age of the very free market

LAST WORD 114 Restoring Zimbabwe’s economy

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