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The refurbishment of Bermondsey Community Nursery had a £150,000 budget PHOTOS


Bermondsey Community Nursery has been transformed into a light, bright learning space for young children thanks to a recent refurbishment.

The five-month project, designed by Nicholas Kirk Architects, relocated the offi ce and staff accommodation into a new extension to create ten new areas in the building.

These areas were grouped around a maple tree to provide a calming focal point for the nursery.

The new design relocated staff facilities into a new studio space in the courtyard and rationalised the existing nursery space to reduce ‘visual clutter’.

The bathroom, nursery and external areas received significant upgrades including new lighting, joinery and play facilities, and a new colour palette was chosen to help the refurbished setting feel more calm and welcoming for families and staff alike.

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Festivals, part 4: Christmas


Festivals Christmas Front 1.indd 1

26 November 9 December

■ POSTER: A2 colour ‘Festivals,

02/11/2018 09:34

part 4: Christmas’ ■ All About...Children in the

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