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WSC No 271, September 2009

The big match buzz of the Wembley Cup


At the final whistle Celtic try to celebrate, but the big screen cuts to Lionel Messi getting off a coach, and everyone looks at that instead Match of the month, the Wembley Cup p20

4 Editorial

All aboard the City gravy train? 6 Sidelines

Contract disputes; video goals galore; clubs in financial crisis; Newcastle’s nonLeague blues; club website networks fold 10 Shot!

Bangor City’s one-date European tour 12 A familiar face returns

Notts County fans give Sven-Göran Eriksson a cautious welcome 14 Switching channels

Who’s who and where on a busy summer for the media merry-go-round 16 Second chances

How one former England manager is rebuilding careers 18 Mystery plays

Why very little knowledge is a good thing when it comes to modern football 20 Match of the month

A long and painful weekend at Wembley 24 Shot! archive

Behind the scenes during Alex Ferguson’s early days at Manchester United 26 Getting shirty

Trying on the new season’s kits for size


27 The strange case of...

Celtic’s forgotten hero, Bobo Balde 28 Crisis management

The further trials and tribulations of Graham Taylor revealed in a new book 30 Foreign adventures

Everton and Tottenham’s 1909 South American tour remembered 32 Euro view

Betis fans on the march; the Dreyfus affair 34 Germany v Germany

How the Cold War played out on the pitch 36 Good for the game?

WSC’s scientific analysis of the pros and cons of the burning issues 38 World view

Hooliganism in Argentina; protest in Iran; Beckham brouhaha; Timor-Leste emerge 42 Reviews

Charlton’s England days; Claridge part two; Mark Ward’s inside story; comic heroes 44 Letters

Dear WSC, I couldn’t help noticing... 46 Season in brief

The Soviet Supreme League, 1975

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