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Hayat Sharara

Ahmed Morsi

Mekkawi Said

Azza Rashad

Girgis Shukry

Ahmed Morsi: The Fish Eye Acrylic on canvas 213cm x 127 cm

New York City 2012


HAYAT SHARARA (1935-1997) 12 Remembering an excellent Iraqi intellectual 14 Balkis Sharara: She felt she was under surveillance at the university 26 Fadhil Chalabi: Heroic outcry against injustice 29 Hayat Sharara: An excerpt from the novel When the Days Grow Dark, translated by Jonathan Wright

THREE EGYPTIAN AUTHORS 49 Girgis Shukry: Three Poems,

translated by Paul Starkey 58 Azza Rashad: A short story Prickly Jasmine,

translated by Jonathan Wright 68 Mekkawi Said: “The enchantment of Reem”,

an excerpt from his novel To Be Loved by Jihan, translated by Ahmed Salah Eldein 76 Ahmed Salah Eldein on the novel

78 CELEBRATING AHMED MORSI 80 The Biography 82 Alfonso Armada: The door to the beach of time 86 Salah Awad: Ahmed Morsi the Poet 90 Ahmed Morsi: Photos from the New York Album,

translated by Raphael Cohen


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