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Interiors advice dear

Thanks to everyone who has sent letters to me over the past few months; I really enjoy receiving them and hope that I’ve managed to point you in the right direction.

The fact that each and every client has individual requirements and tastes makes my job so diverse and exciting. No project or objective is ever the same, meaning I‘m always kept on my toes, searching for the perfect design solution.

The vital thing to remember when decorating is to let your personality shine through. The home is an extension of your self, and its design should suit your lifestyle. It’s the little touches that add character and give a room soul. For a look and feel that is truly personal to you and your family, why not dig out a few old photos that bring back fond memories and have fun framing and displaying them? And do keep your letters coming.

Lesley Taylor is an interior designer and design director at Taylor’s Etc. 029 2035 8400 |

So what features should you be looking out for? An adjustable thermostat is a must. This will allow you to keep a constant temperature of your choice, depending on what exactly is being stored. ‘Defrost’ programmes are always handy. Many models have adjustable humidity or moisture levels to keep food in perfect condition. Some have removable liners to make cleaning easy too.

Q I’d like to place a warming drawer below my oven. Which features should I be looking for? Sam Whiting, Derwent

A I have one myself and would definitely recommend them! Warming drawers are underrated in the UK, but they offer the perfect complement to cooking appliances, making life easier in the kitchen. They can be used to warm utensils and crockery – a hot roast on a cold plate is never good! The drawer can also keep meals warm – once the food has been prepared, you can rest it in the warming drawer, where it will retain its heat, nutrients, freshness and appearance. It will also free up valuable oven space – handy when a number of dishes are being cooked simultaneously.

Aesthetically speaking, make sure the style, including handle and finish, co-ordinates with the oven. Luckily, most appliance manufacturers offer warming drawers to match their range of appliances. Finally, ensure the size you choose suits your needs. For singletons, a 135mm height will probably suffice, however a 300mm tall model or two individual drawers may be more apt for large families and those who entertain. You can also buy differing widths – the wider ones will hold cateringstyle trays and large platters.

Caple’s SWMD1352SS 135mm tall Sense stainless steel warming drawer has an adjustable thermostatic control with handy timer function. It has a 20kg capacity, and fits six dinner plates, six soup plates, three serving bowls or two platters. It has a 400W heating element with tangential fan. Around £451. 295mm models are also available. 0117 938 1900 |


Q Is it easy to change the downlighters in my dining room for something more glamorous? S Brinton, Horley A There is a new collection from Aimbry which could be just what you’re looking for, allowing you to transform simple downlighters into decorative light fittings in one simple swoop. Named ‘Snoods’, they click into place over the existing light using a magnetic force. There is no screwing, fastening or clipping involved – so if you dread the thought of DIY, this is the ultimate solution!

The collection comprises a plethora of styles to ensure you find a model that suits you. For those that want to keep to a contemporary décor, Elaina, with its chrome frame could be ideal. In your case, any one of the lavish models from the Chandelier line could do the trick.

Image shows Imogen from the Snood range of light fittings at Icons of Aimbry, designed to fit simply and quickly on to existing ceiling downlighters. Prices on request. 01484 489 600 |

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