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Renowned for taking a modern approach to the traditional art of mosaic, Italian manufacturer Mosaico+ is passionate about tiles which appeal to all of the senses, and its recent collaboration with Francesco Lucchese demonstrates this perfectly. The new Dialoghi collection is created from a variety of materials which give it a tactile element, while Lucchese’s trademark skills in the use of light and colour make the tesserae eye-catchingly unique.

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Lucchese studied architecture at Milan’s Politechnic University and in his graduating year he was awarded first prize for a project entered into the international competition Collective Spaces, run by the Industrial Design Association. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, working with several high profile Italian brands, including Venini, Egoluce, Luxo and Fabbian. The international industrial designer is also famed for his creative work in the bathroom arena. His involvement with leading brands, such as Inda, Rapsel, Hatria, Colombo Design and Titan, has led to his reputation as a designer who can anticipate new trends and combine this with focusing on the needs of the end user.

The recent collaboration between Lucchese and Mosaico+ has succeeded in creating a range of tesserae which can completely alter the mood of the space in which they are used. “With the recent rediscovery and re-evaluation of mosaic for use in contemporary spaces, this surfacing has become a modern product that is characterised by historical significance,” explains Lucchese. “For Dialoghi, I tried to give new meaning to the concept of decoration. I treated each individual tile as a product with its own shape, with its own versatility, that allows its own unique potential to shine through.”

The Dialoghi collection has seen the introduction of precious woods that enrich the mosaics with a warmth and depth which tiles can often lack. These timbers mix with metal, stone and glass to great effect. The different surfaces were a strong inspiration for Lucchese, who reveals that his design was born out of the •••


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