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James Chambers Footballers’ Haircuts 2 A New History

The highlights... the lowlights... and the magnificent mullets! In these days of fashionable footballers, it’s easy to forget the number of shocking hairstyles that have graced the heads of previous footballing generations. So here they are, from pre-war pudding bowls to the pampered perms of the Premiership, in all their glory. This book, updated for 2010, is a celebration of over 100 years of the footballer’s haircut, from the hairstyle hits to those that missed by a mile. A keen follower of football for more than 30 years, James Chambers has worked for Sky and Channel 4 and has written for numerous publications including the Guardian and Observer. He lives in South London.

Gift Books; Humour; Football Cased October £7.99 96pp 163 x 120mm Colour illustrations throughout 978 0 297 86327 4 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: W&N

Mirjam Pressler Treasures from the Attic The Story of Anne Frank and her Family

A new view of Anne, previously seen only through the prism of her diaries Thousands of documents and photographs – including letters to and from Anne and her father’s poignant descriptions of his post-war search for his family and his discovery of the diaries – were recently found in an attic in Vienna. Seen here for the first time, they have been woven into a family saga that runs in parallel to the diary, recounting the story of the Franks before, during and after the war. Mirjam Pressler was the editor of the ‘definitive’ edition of Anne Frank’s diary, published in 1997. She lives near Munich, Germany.

Biography, Autobiography & Letters; History Cased November £20.00 400pp 234 x 153mm 12pp colour illustrations; b/w illustrations throughout 978 0 297 86088 4 Markets: World XUSAC USA, Translation & Serial: Liepman AG, Zurich 17