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Lisa Gardner Live to Tell

Feeling brave? The terrifying new thriller from Lisa Gardner will keep you up all night... Danielle often thinks about that night when her childhood ended. The sound of her father shooting her mother and then hunting down her brother and her sister. Haunting enough for any child but, Danielle has always wondered, why not her too? Why did her father let her go? Years later, Danielle is working in a hospital that deals with the most violent and damaged of children. Someone there knows something about her past, and is prepared to kill to keep it quiet... Lisa Gardner is a regular Top 10 bestseller and has written twelve books. She lives in New Hampshire, USA.

Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) July £12.99/£12.99 320pp 234 x 153mm 978 1 4091 0104 8/978 1 4091 0105 5 Markets: World XUSAC USA: Bantam; Translation: Jane Rotrosen Agency; Serial: Orion


Lilian Harry An Heir for Burracombe

There’s nowhere quite like Burracombe – a village full of warmth and intrigue... Summer, 1953. When a French woman and young boy knock on Hilary Napier’s door, Hilary is shocked to realise that her soldier-brother lives on in the son he never met. But this is only the first revelation. As the village of Burracombe tries to make sense of the strangers in their midst, there is also much to celebrate. A wedding is being planned, a birth is imminent and a courtship is just beginning. Yet life is complicated and some people must learn cruel truths about the world... Lilian Harry is the author of more than twenty novels. She lives in a village on the edge of Dartmoor.

Fiction Cased August £16.99 320pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 7528 9886 5 Markets: W orld USA, T ranslation & Serial: Orion