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Robert Crais Three Great Novels: The Last Detective, The Forgotten Man, The Watchman

An action-packed omnibus from the crime master Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are never far from danger in these three bestselling novels. Nominated for, and the winners of, an array of awards, this breathtaking trio of crime novels show Crais at his finest. Cole and Pike face their demons, traverse the darker side of LA and prove that the City of Angels has plenty of sinners… Robert Crais is the author of the bestselling Cole & Pike novels, amongst many others. He lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Fiction Trade Paperback November £14.99 800pp 234 x 153 mm 978 1 4091 2283 8 Markets: World XUSAC USA: Simon & Schuster; Translation: Aaron Priest; Serial: Orion


William Napier The Great Siege: Clash of Empires

One of history’s fiercest battles brought to life by the bestselling author of the Attila trilogy 1565: a small Mediterranean island becomes the scene for bravery and bloodlust – the siege of Malta. The future of empires hang in the balance as over 30,000 Ottomans besiege an island peopled by only a few local soldiers and 500 knights. On that small rock an epic struggle is played out – the story of individual men, warriors and slaves; the story of two worlds colliding. William Napier was educated in Cheltenham, Oxford and London. He lives in Wiltshire.

Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) December £12.99/£12.99 352pp 234 x 153mm 978 1 4091 0531 2/978 1 4091 0532 9 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: Orion