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Barbara Tate West End Girls

A candid, compelling memoir of the lives, loves and friendships of 1940s Soho working girls In this astonishing account full of fierce friendships and bitter rivalries, mistrustful men and desperate measures, Tate recollects her tumultuous time as maid to the beautiful and capricious Faye. Tate shares the secret lives of Soho’s working girls as she becomes nursemaid, protector and confidante to her impossible, adorable and self-destructive employer. Their inspiring friendship at the heart of this spellbinding tale reignites precious memories of a traumatised post-war London. Barbara Tate left her Soho life and went on to marry, raise a family and become a successful painter. She died in 2009.

Autobiography Cased July £12.99 336pp 216 x 135mm 978 1 4091 1606 6 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: Orion

Posy Edwards Lady Gaga Me & You

With a free bedroom poster, find out all there is to know about international superstar Lady Gaga! Packed with photographs and all the gossip from the tour bus, find out the secrets behind Lady Gaga’s rise to stardom, and how she became the world’s biggest pop princess and style icon! Uncovering the inside life of Gaga, we look at her unique style and what inspires her, as well as who she hangs out with and what she likes to do when she’s not on stage! Posy Edwards is a huge Lady Gaga fan. She lives and works in London.

Biography/Music/Children’s Cased July £6.99 48pp 235 x 181mm Full colour throughout 978 1 4091 2314 9 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: Orion 41