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Mick Foley Countdown to Lockdown

See the world through the eyes of champion wrestler Mick Foley Mick Foley tells us the story of his spectacular return and his last days with WWE, and gives a blow-by-blow account of the five weeks leading up to the day he faced-off against one of his greatest opponents – ‘The Icon’ Sting. This is a no-holds-barred, behind-thescenes account of the most important wrestling match of his career, put in context with his memories, thoughts and opinions of WWE, as well as life outside the ring. Foley fans will not be disappointed. Mick Foley is an actor, author and professional wrestler, and is currently the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

Biography, Autobiography & Letters, Sport Cased October £16.99 256pp 234 x 153mm 978 1 4091 1571 7 Markets: World XUSAC USA & Translation: Grand Central; Serial: Orion


Paul Moody, Robin Turner Looking for The Moon Under Water: The Search for the Perfect Pub

Around Britain, clocking up hundreds of beer miles in search of the perfect pub The Moon Under Water was George Orwell’s fantasy pub; a haven from a harsh world, a comforting sanctuary that existed on many a street corner. Paul Moody and Robin Turner, fresh from the escapades of The Rough Pub Guide, go in search of a modern-day equivalent, and along the way uncover why British pub culture was once the toast of the world; and why now it is seriously under threat. Paul Moody writes for Q magazine; Robin Turner works for Heavenly Records. They both live in London.

Humour, Gift books Cased October £12.99 288pp 216 x 135mm 978 1 4091 1267 9 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: Orion