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Chris Wooding Black Lung Captain A Tale of the Ketty Jay

Buckle up for heist action, thievery, shoot-outs and double-crossing galore Darian Frey is down on his luck. He can barely keep his squabbling crew fed and his rickety aircraft in the sky. So when Captain Grist meets him, with news of a crashed aircraft laden with treasure, Frey is up for a death-or-victory getrich-quick scheme. If Grist is telling the truth then there’s a fortune up for grabs; it’s going to take all of Frey’s considerable skill at lying, cheating and stealing to get his hands on it... Chris Wooding’s work has been translated into 19 languages and he has won several writing awards. He lives in Wandsworth, London.

Fantasy Cased/Trade Paperback July £18.99/£12.99 352pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 08517 6/978 0 575 08518 3 Markets: World USA: Del Ray; Translation & Serial: Orion

Ian McDonald The Dervish House

A new SF epic from a modern master of the genre The Dervish House centres on Istanbul in 2025. Turkey has always been a nation with an ambivalent relationship with Europe; it is a country that looks to the West, which had greatness in the past and which may seize it again in the future. The Dervish House is the story of the families that live in and around its titular house. It is at once a rich mosaic of Islamic life in the new century, and a telling novel of future possibilities. Ian McDonald is the author of the groundbreaking Chaga books set in Africa, as well as the awardwinning River of Gods. He lives in Holywood, County Down.

Science Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback July £18.99/£12.99 512pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 08052 2/978 0 575 08053 9 Markets: World XUSAC USA: Zeno Literary Agency; Translation & Serial: Orion 59