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Elmore Leonard Djibouti A western on water, from the grand master of American crime East Africa, 2009. As piracy takes off, Oscarwinning filmmaker and former Playboy model Dara Barr alights in Somalia. Taking to the high seas with alluring Captain Xavier, Dara unearths a fascinating world of pirate WAGs, airborne ransoms and increasingly daring hijacks. But as Dara begins to suspect the pirates’ links to al-Qaeda, the American oil tanker Sirius Star – a floating bomb – is captured, and Dara realises she has stepped into a drama more dangerous than any fiction. Elmore Leonard has written more than forty books. Many have been made into movies, including Out of Sight with George Clooney. He lives in Michigan, USA.

Fiction Trade Paperback (export only) October £12.99 256pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 297 85673 3 Markets: World XUSAC USA & Translation: The Wylie Agency; Serial: W&N

Steve Martin An Object of Beauty

An irresistible look at the glamour and subterfuge of New York’s art world, from bestselling author and Hollywood star Steve Martin Lacey Yeager is beautiful and ambitious enough to take the NYC art world by storm. She starts out at Sotheby’s, amidst the winks and nods of the fabulously wealthy. But hungry for more – and pursued by a whiff of scandal – Lacey migrates Downtown, where Hirsts and Warhols fetch millions, and her ascendancy seems assured. But when the art world bubble looks set to burst, a secret from her past emerges, threatening to undermine everything. Successful film actor Steve Martin has won Emmys for his television writing and two Grammys for comedy albums.

Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) November £16.99/£14.99 320pp 234 x 153mm 24 colour illustrations 978 0 297 86329 8/978 0 297 86330 4 Markets: World XUSAC USA & Translation: HBGUSA; Serial: W&N 5