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Max Frei Translated by Polly Gannon Untitled The Labyrinths of Echo: Book Two

The follow-up to the hit cult novel The Stranger Max Frei’s life as a secret agent in the city of Echo isn’t getting any easier, in a novel as captivating and magical as its predecessor. The Labyrinths of Echo series is a superb magical-realist sequence from one of Russia’s most successful novelists. The novels are already published in translation around the world, with millions of copies sold to date. Max Frei is the author of the internationally bestselling Labyrinths of Echo series. He lives in Moscow, Russia.

Fantasy Cased/Trade Paperback October £18.99/£12.99 558pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 08978 5/978 0 575 08979 2 Markets: World XUSAC USA, Translation: The Overlook Press; Serial: Orion

Justina Robson Down to the Bone Quantum Gravity Book Five

The new book in the Quantum Gravity series Special Agent Lila Black returns in another heady mix of breakneck plots, magic and technology from Justina Robson. Justina Robson always wanted to write. Other things sometimes got in the way and sometimes still do...but not too much. She lives in Leeds, South Yorkshire.

Fantasy Cased/Trade Paperback November £18.99/£12.99 288pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 08564 0/978 0 575 08565 7 Markets: World XUSA USA: MBA Literary Agency; Translation & Serial: Orion 69