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Richard Morgan The Dark Commands

The king of noir SF is taking on Fantasy, and winning! Ringil, Egar and Archeth are back. In a world still cursed by slavery, a corrupt aristocracy and a vicious church, justice is in short supply. In this sequel to The Steel Remains Richard Morgan brings his trademark visceral writing style and thought-provoking characterisation to the fantasy genre, and produces a follow-up to his first foray into fantasy, which sets Ringil and Co. on the beginnings of a hopeless quest. Richard Morgan has won both the Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. He lives in Glasgow.

Fantasy Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) January £14.99/£12.99 448pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 07793 5/978 0 575 08487 2 Markets: World USA: Del Rey; Translation & Serial: Orion 73