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l a n d

K a t y E n g a l k e r S t y l i n g

Wi m

TP h o t o g r a p h y


a n e l i m i S

b y H e d h a t C e l i n e a n d b o w i t h i d r e s s w i n


p e n d a n t F e l t i t h e a r r i n g s w

, h o o p h e r o w n i e r c i n g p h o o p

S p e n c e r i e

R o b b s S t y l i n g

To m

B e n

P h o t o g r a p h y i ng ton r ace Co dd

it ton is Vu i r t L ou a sh ja m i l k py


3AMETERNALPhotography Leslie Zhang StylingLiu Xiao

Meet the club kids breaking wild new ground for dance music in Shanghai CLAIROPhotography Hart Lëshkina StylingStellaGreenspan

The pop star for the post-internet age gets real about her battles on and offline HOW TO FLOSS

Photography Alice Neale StylingChloe Grace Press LET’S SPRITZ

Photography Philippe Jarrigeon StylingVictoireSimonney SABRINA FUENTES Photography Tom Ordoyno StylingGary David Moore

The Pretty Sick singer/bassist and adoptive Londoner on why her punk spirit will never fade TIERNEY FINSTER: RESEDA

In this issue’s fiction, a familial tale of secrets and lies from the San Fernando Valley KHICHDI (KITCHARI)

Kaleidoscopic unseen images from photographer Nick Sethi’s Indian adventures IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK

Barry Jenkins in conversation with the breakout talents of his heartbreaking new filmic romance MARTINE ROSE Photography PascalGambarte StylingTamaraRothstein

Comedowns, clubbing and first kisses with fashion’s queen of counterculture OYINDA Photography RobKulisek StylingJohn Colver

The future-pop clarion and Telfar recruit on revealing her rawest self ALTERED STATE Photography OlgaçBozalp StylingCharlotteRoberts

The free spirits at the centre of the Tbilisi creative scene come together ANYA TAYLOR-JOY Photography Mel Bles StylingElizabethFraser-Bell

The actor reveals the darkness at the core of her cinematic world MID90S Photography Ari Marcopoulos StylingAvenaGallagher

The skating stars of Jonah Hill’s filmmaking debut talk authenticity and weird bonding rituals LILA MOSS Photography Tim Walker StylingKaty England

A debut cover shoot 16 years in the making: welcome to the world of Lila Moss THE GIRL WHO FELL TO EARTH

Photography Ben Toms StylingRobbie Spencer SOFTCOREJUKEBOX

Photography Hanna Moon StylingEmmaWyman WILDSTRAWBERRIES

Photography LettySchmiterlow StylingDanny Reed NIGHTVISIONS

Photography RobiRodriguez StylingRobbie Spencer Make-up Thomas de Kluyver BAD MOON RISING

Photography TomJohnson Styling ElizabethFraser-Bell TREAT ME GOOD

Photography MichellaBredahlStylingHaley Wollens SUDDENLYLASTSUMMER

Photography JulieGreve StylingFrancesca Burns SKIN Photography Ruth Ossai StylingAi Kamoshita

The anti-Britpop frontwoman talks Afropunk, “clit-pop” and 25 years of Skunk Anansie

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58 – 63

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70 – 75

76 – 79

80 – 87

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92 – 99

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108 – 117

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128 – 137

138 – 151

152 – 167

168 – 177

178 – 187

188 – 195

196– 207

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234 – 240

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