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Portrait of the Week

Diary Anthony Daniels

Politics James Forsyth

The Spectator’s Notes

Dave Michael Heath

Mind your language

Diary of a Notting Hill Nobody











Shared opinion Hugo Rifkind


You know it makes sense James Delingpole 28 Any other business Martin Vander Weyer 30 Ancient & modern 62

‘The manifesto is what we believe in’ Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth An interview with David Cameron


The Asbo swan Rod Liddle A grumpy waterbird provides a fable for our times


Clegg at Cambridge Ross Clark The Lib Dem leader’s student days were politically low-key 16

Bring back ostracism Paul Johnson The ancient Greeks knew how to deal with nasty politicians 18

The death of reason Melanie Phillips Scientists are irrational when it comes to religion


HMS Albion to the rescue Stanley Johnson How the Royal Navy defeated the ash cloud


The cure for calling in sick Martin Vander Weyer Managing absenteeism can save us billions 23


Philip Hensher: The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, by David Mitchell 33 Fleur Adcock: ‘Charon’: a poem 34 Lucy Beresford: Gross Misconduct, by Venetia Thompson 34 Caroline Moore: Final Demands, by Frederic Raphael 35 Bevis Hillier: Horace Walpole’s Description of the Villa at Strawberry Hill, edited by Nicolas Barker 36 James Buchan: Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, by Jeffrey Herf 38 Olivia Glazebrook: Still Missing, by Beth Gutcheon 39 Will Robinson: General Smuts, by Anthony Lentin 41

Notes from a war zone Con Coughlin


‘There’s a TV debate at the OK Corral!’

Cover by James Bennett. Drawings by Michael Heath, Castro, Colin Wheeler, K.J. Lamb, Nick Downes, Holland, RGJ, Adam Singleton, Geoff Thompson, Robert Thompson and Nick Newman.

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Henrietta Bredin talks to the conductor Marin Alsop about Leonard Bernstein 42 Olden but golden David Vick 43 Exhibitions: The Indian Portrait: 1560–1860; Mark Shields: Here and Elsewhere Andrew Lambirth 45 Theatre: Counted?; The Real Thing Lloyd Evans 45 Romeo and Juliet Patrick Carnegy 46 Opera: Elegy for Young Lovers; Albert Herring Michael Tanner 47 Cinema: Iron Man 2 Deborah Ross 48 Television James Delingpole 48 Radio Kate Chisholm 50


The turf Robin Oakley

High life Taki

Low life Jeremy Clarke

Real life Melissa Kite

Bridge Susanna Gross

Wine club Simon Hoggart







And finALLy . . .

Chess Raymond Keene


Competition; Crossword 56, 57 Status anxiety Toby Young 62 Sport Roger Alton 63 Your problems solved Mary Killen 63

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