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Ben Smith


Jen Hadfield responds to James Goodman’s unpublished poems (and a Trump protest)

Close Reading Chris Kerr reviews Emily Hasler, Giles Goodland and Jorie Graham




Zoë Brigley reviews Tishani Doshi, Deborah Alma and Polly Atkin


Maryam Hessavi reviews Stephen Sawyer, Mircea Dinescu and Tracy K. Smith 85 Matt Merritt reviews Stav Poleg, Bobby Parker and an entertainment for W.S. Graham 88

The Articles

Grievous Bodily Harm 20 Karen McCarthy Woolf and Dominic Bury

Landscapes with Words 31 Bill Adams

On collaboration at CCI 34 John Fanshawe

Migratory connections in a changing climate 45 James Pearce-Higgins


Eight poets get together with conservation scientists:

Polly Atkin, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, John Kinsella, Kathryn Maris, Momtaza Mehri, Daljit Nagra, Jos Smith and Claudine Toutoungi.


The Poems

I was human once


Ama Bolton Villanelle (Un Paisaje)


Leo Boix Documentary of a Lost Map 10 Hussain Ahmed Beijing Parakeets 11 David Tait Here, afterwards 12 Joanna Guthrie A Trip to Mount General in Late Winter 13 暮冬时节将军山行 Huang Fan, translated by Lei Yanni It was a great year 14 James Goodman Tipping Point 15 Ros Woolner CH4 is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 15 Cat Campbell

Kim’s Game


Sarah Westcott Starved Wood-Sedge


Maya Chowdhry The Earth Catches the Whale 25 Anna Selby Flowers in the Volcano 25 Anna Selby Ego 26 Patrick Sylvain Howling Wind 26 Patrick Sylvain Harmattan 27 John Haynes Beaufort Scale for Depression 28 Rachael Mead Howling 29 Helena Lutchman Change 29 D A Prince This Weather 29 Siún Carden Epiphany Under A Tree 30 Stephen Watts Pantones for the Anthropocene 35 Matthew Griffiths Greenland Dogs No Ice 36 Nancy Campbell Sermermiut 37 Nancy Campbell substation 38 Mario Petrucci In Amber 38 Mario Petrucci

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