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July 2010 Vo lume 61 No 7

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Fr ont cover: Lorina Gore as Honey B. in Opera Australia’s premiere of ‘Bliss’ (see pp. 818-21) (photo: Jef f Busby)

779 I talian lessons

Founded in 1950 by the Earl of Har ewood

Past Editors Har old Rosenthal and Rodney Milnes

By the Editor 780 Peo ple 381: Helen Donath

David Shengo ld 788 Reade rs’ lett ers 791 An unli kely frien dship

Pete r Fr eesto ne re calls the meeting of two vocal legends 795 Newsd esk 801 S trauss & Co.

As the Salzbur g Festival celebrate s its 90th annivers ary , Mike Ashma n looks at its fraught early years 810 Ste fanos Laza ridis, 1942-20 10

David Pount ney , John Cople y and Rodne y Milne s 816 Ob itua ry 817 Opera ar ound the world 861 Opera in Britain 883 Opera on television 886 Op era on DVD & Blu-r ay 896 Op era on CD 900 Opera books 906 Coming events including plans for the UK houses (with 2010-1 1 season plans for Opera North and Scott ish Opera) , Antwerp , Frankf urt, Ghent, Montre al, Munich (Staa tsope r); ‘We hear that …’; Opera calendar home and abroad 919 Classifie d advertise ments 920 Wi sh I’d been there …

Joan Matabos ch

Opera, July 2010