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Issue Two II Spring 1998



6 NEWS Tributes to Isaiah Berlin; Supermarket ethics; Counsellors in crisis, and more.

8 MEDIA WATCH A selection of clippings about philosophy from newspapers and magazines, including, "Is French Philosophy Nonsense?"

Open Debate, pi8


Philosophy Football, pi6


14 UNLIKELY PHILOSOPHY PHILOSOPHY FOOTBALL Simon Walter The first of a new series revealing philosophical ideas in disguise.

16 UNDERRATED, OVERLOOKED: CASUISTRY Peter Holmes A much-maligned discipline that deserves a second look?

10 LE CAFE PHILOSOPHIQUE EST ARRIVE Joseph Chandler Coffee and chat in south London, but is it philosophy?

12 THE SKEPTIC'S CHAMPION Julian Baggini An interview with the editor of the on-line Skeptics Dictionary and Guide to the New Millenium ..


18 THE MORAL IMPERATIVE TO REBEL AGAINST GOD Peter Fosl Philosophy meets Dostoevsky as Dr Fosl considers how the existence of evil affects our attitude towards God. Dr Fosl will respond to the best of your objections. Full details at the end of his essay.

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