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October 2010 Vo lume 61 No 10 Editor John Allison Deput y Editor Erica Jeal (on leave) Assistant Editor Kate Molle son Subscript ion Manage r Megan Jackson Editor ial Board Marti n Bernhe imer Hugh Canni ng Rupert Christ ianse n Andrew Clark Andrew Clem ents Richa rd Fairm an George Hall Michael Kennedy Fiona Maddock s Rodney Milnes (Chairman) Roger Parker Andrew Porter Editorial Offices 36 Black Lion Lane London W6 9BE Te lephone: 020 8563 8893 Fax: 020 8563 8635 e-mail: .uk We bsite: www Subscripti ons Te lephone: 020 8748 0911 e-mail: operasubs Adverti sing Jane Stoggl es Cabbell Publishing Ltd Te lephone: 020 8971 8450 Fax: 020 8971 8480 Fr ont cover: Ekaterina Scherbachenk o as Ta tyana in the Bolshoy ’s ‘Ye vgeny Onegin’ (see pp. 1287-8) (photo: Damir Yusupov)

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Stéphane Denève

Opera, October 2010