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Last year, more than 9,000 Britons made New Zealand their home, putting it firmly in the top five destinations for migrants from these shores. Add in the many thousands of holidaymakers who travel down to NZ every year, and it’s no wonder New Zealand is such an iconic destination for UK citizens.

If you are interested in travelling to the Land of the Long White Cloud, or are considering a more permanent move, then you need as much advice and information as possible to help make the right decisions. In this dedicated supplement, we’ve tried to do justice to everything that New Zealand can offer and give you a flavour of what to expect. Many of you will no doubt be thinking about travelling to the Rugby World Cup, which is held in New Zealand next year, so to get ahead of the game, turn to page 8. If you’ve always wanted a peek behind the scenes at where the Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed, our guide to the real Middle Earth on page 14 should whet the appetite. And talking of appetites, you can join us on NZ’s food and wine trail (p12). We know that many of you dream about a new life in New Zealand, so if you’d like some help, we’ve got expert advice on where to settle (p24), finding work (p26) and you can hear from our expat family on what life is really like on page 31.


John Weir, Publisher



Discover why this top lifestyle city has something for everyone

14 LAND OF THE HOBBITS Head to the Waikato region to explore the real Middle Earth

29 FACTS ON TAX How to make the most of new migrant tax exemptions

18 TAKE A HIKE Expert tips for exploring New Zealand’s top walking trails

31 EMIGRATION STORY The family who found the perfect rural lifestyle in NZ’s South Island

8 RUGBY WORLD CUP Don’t miss one of the world’s most hotly anticipated sporting events!

23 WHERE TO SETTLE Your guide to choosing the best place to live and work in NZ

34 DID YOU KNOW? Some fascinating facts about the beautiful country of New Zealand

12 DRINK IT IN! Get a taste for the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail

26 MAKE IT WORK Find out why you will find plenty of job opportunities in NZ

35 DOWN UNDER LIVE Get the lowdown on life in NZ at the country’s top migration show

New Zea l a nd | October 2010


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