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“When my anxiety was building I found that I was able to calm myself easier, my daughter’s soft calm gentle breathing, helped to regulate my own”



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FIRST MOMENTS When I gave birth to my daughter I was amazed by her. I just wanted to have her on my skin and to feel her gentle breath. Holding her, my little empty world suddenly contained two of us. I hated it when my mum insisted I dress her, I felt like I was almost losing the first moments. Later when we came home, I felt I was not able to offer her enough comfort in a buggy; she looked so small and helpless and I felt like I had abandoned her. I also found it next to impossible to get around. I was constantly apologising to people for knocking things over and when she cried I ended up carrying her and trying to push the pram and carry my baby. It really made me anxious if I had to go anywhere. I started to avoid going out if I could. On a get together with some friends they were discussing babywearing. As I listened I realised I could have that close contact with my baby all the time. I watched a few clips on youtube and I fell in love with the idea of wrapping. I bought a stretchy hybrid as it looked similar to what I had seen with my friends. I loved it, my daughter with was back as part of my world and I was free from the restrictions of the buggy. Getting out and about really helped to lift my mood and carrying made that possible.

How attachment parenting can help you heal by Jodie Brown

MENTAL ILLNESS COMES in all shapes and sizes. For me, it feels like complete isolation; being detached from everything around me,

broken down, I got made redundant, I lost my home and had also had symptoms of morning sickness, nose bleeds and low blood pressure to deal with. My world felt cold, dark and extremely lonely.

FEEDING ON THE GO Together we learnt to breastfeed in the carrier, feeding her made me so proud and bought that wonderful feeling of bonding with her. My isolated world was opening up as I carried her with me, tucking her little body inside my jacket, feeling the warmth against me. When my anxiety was building I found that I was able to calm myself easier, so that I was able to avoid a full panic attack. My daughter’s soft calm gentle breathing, helped to regulate my own. It is very hard to hyperventilate when you have someone asleep against your chest.

watching as life happens rather than living it. Some days are better than others, I can be happy, maybe even get joyful at times. Then there are the bad days where opening my eyes in the morning is a struggle. The only thing I can focus on is how long it will be until I am back in bed again. When I found out I was pregnant I was at a very low point. My relationship had

A few months into my babywearing journey, a friend asked me if I would like to go to a sling library. I was so excited to go and try more options. The first wrap I bought was a size 5 woven wrap, it bought me so much confidence. I loved interacting with my daughter as she grew, sharing our adventures >



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