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DR PRAGYA AGARWAL is an academic, architect, artist, writer, designer, and mum of three girls. A sufferer of severe PND twice, she knows how difficult it is to lift that fog and find something that can help you enjoy those initial few months with your child. Art and creativity helped her heal. Find the nurturing side project she started at For this edition she writes for us on how to raise socially conscious children on page 26.

CHERYL MAGYAR lives in northern Romania with her husband and daughter. “We felt this was the best place for us to raise a family closer to nature and further from the constraints of consumerism.” The family offer Sustainable Life Design services at Cheryl writes for us in this edition about creating a family digital detox - get inspired on page 34.

DORA BOTTA lives in London with her partner and their two children, Brendan, three, and Caelan, one. Her blog focuses on zero waste, a plant based diet and yoga. She is one of the three families we have chosen to follow for a year to chart their journey towards a more zero waste existence. Read her story on page 76.

GEORGIE TREASURE is a kundalini yoga teacher based in Herefordshire. “Kundalini Yoga changed my life. Each class I shed neuroses, insecurities and self-judgment. My path became clear to me.” She shares her love of yoga for children on page 54.

LINDSAY JEAN HARD lives with her husband and daughter in Michigan, US. Author of a new book about cooking with scraps she is passionate about reducing waste in the kitchen. Find her story and recipe for making the most of items that might be destined for the compost bin on page 73.


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