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Welcome to the

Republic of Natural Skincare.

Our mission in life is to help you understand the workings of your own skin, so you can make informed choices and not be misled by the beauty business hype. From our farm on top of The Mendip Hills in Somerset, we create a range of unique, award winning skincare & beauty products. It’s here that we grow our herbs (soon to be certified organic) and then infuse natural plant oils with their wonderfully beneficial properties. These naturally active ingredients are then used to hand-make small batches of what have been described as ‘little pots of wonder ’.

Most high street creams and lotions contain up to 80% water.These watery concoctions then need preservatives and emulsifiers to stabilise them. Just the sort of thing that sensitive skin finds intolerable. So do we. Our undiluted range is bursting with vitamins and antioxidants. Our products contain naturally nourishing plant oils, beeswax, minerals, herbal extracts and nothing else. Giving superior relief, hydration and protection to all the family, including those with sensitive or problem skin.

Join the party at and to recieve a store wide 25% discount use code: ‘GPARENT’ at the checkout.

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