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The COVER daniel radcliffe wears feather jacket by Ann Demeulemeester; t-shirt by Sunspel photography SERGE LEBLON styling robie spencer

The front 30 Ryan McGinley Selects Sandy Kim 32 la roux selects clare Maguire 34 lulu kennedy selects Simone Rocha 36 Incoming: Fashion News 44 kudo tsunoda 46 Corrine Day tribute 48 marnie stern vs corIN tucker 54 breton 56 future beauty 58 danny trejo 64 makani power 66 istancol 70Teenage Wolfpack

The MAINS 76 Young Blood Chloë MorEtz and Kodi Smit-McpHee the two young stars prepare to take a bite out of Hollywood world in LetMeIn 82 Tech That BERLIN ART Francesca Gavin introduces the Berlin-based mavericks who are using the internet to create a new kind of art 88 Casa Cavalli ROBERTOCAVALI the world’s sexiest designer talks about draping the stars in his matchless bohemian glamour 94 New Visions DIESEL NEW VOICES the story beind Diesel and Dazed’s inspiring documentaries from three aspiring young filmmakers 100 Put A Spell On YouDANIELRADCLIFE the one-time boy wizard puts his broomstick in the cupboard and gets serious on stage

The fAshIon 110 CONSIDER HERWAYS photography chadwick tyler styling karen langley 118 DEVIL’S DAUGHTER photography anthony maule styling KATIESHILINGFORD 126 DOUBLESHADOW photography JASON KIBBLER styling ROBBIESPENCER 130 WHITE DOVE photography Gareth McConnell styling Bryan McMahon

The bAck 140 Cult VIP:PRIMITIVE COOL we celebrate JAMESHAMILTON, the image-maker who shot the heart of the Big Apple for 40 years 144 Q&A: LIGHTS OUT the transgender singer ANTONY HEGARTY tells us why he’s angry at the world and transmitting a message of survival 146 Art: HUNG &DRAWN Gabriel Coxhead says there’s NoNewThingUnderTheSun; The Museum of Everything; all this month’s best exhibitons 148 Literature: BOUND &FLOGGED Geoff Dyer works the room; TheMagicChristiangets republished; Charles Burns rewrites TinTin 150 Film: CUT &WRAPED Aaron Johnson gets nasty in Chatroom; Genesis P-orridge gets in frame; Monsters; plus all this months’s best films 154 Music: AGONY &ECSTASY Bo Ningen; Party Trash; Teengirl Fantasy; Games; Nike7Up; all this month’s Dazed & Approved releases 160 Last Shot:RICHARD MOSE the photographer’s infrared film exposes unseen conflicts in eastern Congo thIs month on Games watch an exclusive film of the band by filmmaker Peter Sutherland Daniel Radcliffe view an extended edit of our cover story shoot with the actor making a majestic transformation TENAGE WOLFPACK the photographer DANIELE LEVIT presents filmed interviews with the werewolf teenagers CASACAVALI an extended edit of the shoot, archive images and interview with the legendary designer SANDY KIM a gallery of photographs is selected byRYAN MCGINLEY FASHION view extended photo-features from this month’s fashion story by KAREN LANGLEY and chadwick tyler, and watch an exclusive film of theDEVIL’S DAUGHTER shoot by KATIESHILINGFORD andANTHONY MAULE

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s p e n c e r. DANIEL

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