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WSC No285, November 2010

An uphill struggle for Peter Taylor at Bradford


The team were even booed off the Valley Parade pitch after a 1-0 victory against Stevenage. Bantams manager Peter Taylor complained bitterly Match of the month Bradford v Gillingham p20


4 Editorial Patience is required at Liverpool 6 Newswatch WayneRooneysurrendershisprivacy 8 Sidelines DavidGinola causes a flutter; big clubs needmoremoney;hugechangesafoot for the SPL; online guilty pleasures 12 Shot! Brentford add toMerseyside’s misery onabignight in theCarling Cup 14 WestMidlandswoe Signs of dwindling enthusiasm for the

Premier League in the region 16 Sheffield steel Taking the Blades brand to theworld 17 MarlonKing Dealing with the discomfort as your club’s latest signing joins straight fromprison 18 LeninoftheRovers Alexei Sayle’s pioneering radio showofthe1980sdeservesa newaudience 20 Matchofthemonth Bradford andGillingham,

LeagueTwo’s early underachievers, meetatValley Parade

Hoddle in Spain p26

24 Shot!Archive Tottenham’sDouble as seen in France 26 Hoddlehelpsout YoungEnglish players andaSpanishclub grateful for Glenn’s academy 28 AvoidingtheIntertoto WhythreeEnglishclubswere relieved to be out of Europebefore the season started 30 Rugbymovesin Howinviting a rival sporting club into your homemightnotworkoutlongterm 32 Euroview Themafiachangetack;eastern nationality niggles; sensible sponsorship in France; Bratislavan club revival 36 Clappedout Living next door to Clapton FC–aVictorian powerhouse in a changing east London 38 Worldview Rio’s big clubs find themselves homeless;

Colombiaputs its future in coaching 40 Reviews Leeds look forward; Lineker’s hard sell;

Argentina vEngland;MLSkeepsitsteady 42 Letters DearWSC,hasanyoneelsenoticed... 46 Seasoninbrief Conference 2002-03 GHA

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