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In this issue Issue 198 Winter 2018


Compass 17Editorial Ben Evans reveals more details about, and announces the registration process for the HALI London celebrations in June 2019

27Dialogue ‘Agnes Martin/Navajo Blankets’ at Pace Gallery; Ancestral art online; Progress in Lyon; S Franses to stay in St James’s; A decolonised AfricaMuseum; Arts and Crafts tapestries at Tate Britain; Joseph V. McMullan Award 2018

30Diary HALI’s pick of the best international fairs, exhibitions and auctions

33Calendar Worldwide listings for the new year

34Thread of time Rachel Meek Abstracted interpretations of ancient woven communication are found in Anni Albers’ Ancient Writing and the kufesque border of a 16th-century ‘Holbein’ carpet

36Travellers’ tales Ben Evans The first HALI Tour to Japan offered unique perspectives on one of the world’s most interesting textile cultures

38Profile Thomas Murray An overview and a personal remembrance of Roger Hollander, whose unrivalled collection of Indian trade cloths was just one reflection of his thirst for knowledge and understanding

41Comment David Lantz A fundamentally different reading of Anatolian kilims to that offered by several contributors to the recently-published Textile Museum catalogue A Nomad’s Art

44Anatomy of an object Daniel Shaffer A ceremonial Salor Turkmen kejebe camel trapping from a Swedish private collection

Features 50A new approach to ikat Elena Tsareva A foretaste of what can be expected from a project involving a previously unknown Russian collection of Central Asian silk ikat costume

60Joining up the dots Daniel Shaffer A tangled web of claim and counter claim surrounds a group of inscribed prayer rugs

64Southwestern networks Alexander Brier Marr ‘Southwest Weavings: 800 Years of Artistic Exchange’ at Saint Louis Art Museum

68Windows into the past Judy Wentworth A Swiss exhibition reveals the beauty, shame and glory within European printed cottons

74Night visions Elisabeth Parker A New York exhibition juxtaposes Baluch rugs and art with a theme of night skies

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