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473. Abendstimmung in Ku Ling A man is quietly walking across a bridge. A dog sniffs about inside a nearby gate. Another day out of thousands – for millions – draws to a normal close. Yes. I dare say we must all have had at least one or two of those.

474. Look! The dog arrives suddenly at the open door – To be greeted by joyful shouts of recognition. In appearance, it is still pretty much as cute as it was before. (And it takes good care not to betray the least sign of ambition.)

475. Perhaps a Familiar Theme A dirty dog strolls through the Palace, much disorientated and Bemused that he should now be sole ruler of the great land of Cathay. There is so much about this whole business which he cannot quite understand. But then – how much does any ruler ever quite understand really?

476. Over half the women in the palace are now wearing dog-collars. What seemed such a curious occurrence back at the start of the

Dynasty Is now more and more being taken utterly for granted. Ah – how insidiously the fine old values are supplanted!

477. In the moonlight, on one of the larger palace balconies, Various stately dames have embarked on a most unseemly tan go For a group sitting nearby, who are all grinning broadly and egging them on. (Were they not in such sacred robes, one would, frankly, be somewhat concerned.)


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