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483. A window out of which no-one ever looks. A balcony onto which no-one ever steps. Even the sunlight seems to have lost its way. And all the pronouns fail, except for ‘they’. [For it cannot reach the edges of this particular Cathay.]

484. Lines Inscribed in a Previous House ‘Walking in a quiet garden, searching for enlightenment And then giving up the search for enlightenment Is itself enlightenment enough. And thus, undisturbed, One walks out the morning up and down the hushed path until lu ncht ime.’

485. A somnolent stretch of water somewhere or other. A leaf or two dips into the river. A hand or two lets the flow trickle against it (or them). A few more reflections startle the dull sky and then disappear.

486. Thousands of bamboo plants along a river in autumn. And four men there among them. A pair of them alone, And one group of two. Or, a moment later – what? Yes. Perhaps only a scattered handful of pulses in the water.

487. A breeze – an empty bench – water descending – Silence – footsteps – silence – water descending – A few last rustling leaves – water descending – Stillness – coolness – water descending – night.


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