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Regulars p. 3 Editor’s Note p. 6 The Q&A Kenyan novelist Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor p. 9 Witness Compiled by Samira Shackle p. 71 Crossword Set by Chaliapin columns p. 74 Endgame When it comes to sex, I’m a child of my time By Laurie Taylor Contents Spring 2019

p. 73 Quiz Set by Chris Maslanka p. 8 Cosmos Our brains are smaller than they used to be, but it’s nothing to worry about By Marcus Chown p. 16 Soapboax Nostalgia is a powerful political tool – so let’s look for positive ways to use it By Samira Ahmed p. 69 In a word “Deal” By Michael Rosen

Fashion and the fight for gender equality, page 64

“My fond memories are now tempered by anxiety about what happened to others” Samira Ahmed, page 16

Features p. 18 Medicine A new front in the war on antibiotic resistance By Peter Forbes p. 22 Reportage How Jerusalem’s Temple Mount became the focus of ethnic conflict By Shira Rubin p. 26 Ethics Are wearable health apps there for our benefit, or for the benefit of the insurance industry? By Giovanni Tiso p. 30 Conflict Why Vladimir Putin is a product of the West’s failures as well as Russia’s By David Wearing p. 34 Rights Will conservatives on the US Supreme Court roll back abortion rights? By Richard Scorer p. 38 Cover story What’s behind the resurgence of nationalist politics? By Peter Salmon Culture p. 44 History British medals for bravery reveal some uncomfortable truths about Empire By Phil Miller

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New Humanist | Spring 2019

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