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Your Fund Choices for 2018

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6 ❱ Your fund choices for a £10,000 annual income After two successful years of meeting the income challenge using Rated Funds, we present two new portfolios for income-seeking investors

8 ❱ Find the right balance of funds for your risk profile We ask the experts for asset allocation guidance and Rated Fund portfolio suggestions for three different risk profiles

4 Money Observer ✮ Your Fund Choices ✮ February 2018

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Whyinflation dominates 17❱Funds, trusts and ETFs:

12 ❱ Whyinflation dominates investment thinking As growth returns to the major economies and interest rates tick higher in the US, we look at ways to benefit from inflation’s resurgence

17 ❱ Funds, trusts and ETFs: which will suit you best? Rated Funds included unit trusts, closed-ended investment trusts and index-trackers. Here we explain the benefits and weaknesses of each, and why you might choose one type over another

14 ❱ What you need to know about Rated Funds Alongside past performance, investors should pick funds that match their personal investment aims, and Rated Funds provide tailored selections

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