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STAY UP TO DATE ON RATED FUNDS Visit Money Observer’s dedicated Rated Funds portal for daily updated factsheets, current performance and commentaries for all 199 actively managed Rated Funds and 63 passive Rated Funds. You can also view the current best and worst performers over various time periods, as a whole or within the 15 asset groups. Visit

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18 ❱ UK Growth UK funds should form the core of a UK investor’s growth-oriented portfolio

28 ❱ UK Equity Income Funds with a focus on dividends to suit income- and growth-oriented investors

38 ❱ UK Smaller Companies Successful small company funds are ideal longer-term choices for outstanding returns

44 ❱ Sterling Bonds Consider UK bond funds for capital preservation, reliable income and offsetting riskier investments

50 ❱ Global Growth The world is your oyster. We detail core and more adventurous global choices

60 ❱ Global Equity Income Investors should cast their nets wider than the UK for a wealth of rewarding income options

65 ❱ Global Bonds For extra diversification, we highlight funds that excel in the global fixed income market

68 ❱ Emerging Markets Investors risk losing out without some exposure to the fastest-growing economies

73 ❱ European Equities Strong performance from funds with a European focus sees a widening of our selection this year

78 ❱ US Equities Real outperformance from our select group of actively managed US choices, plus a round-up of passive options

83 ❱ Japan Equities Our Rated Funds provide exposure to exciting opportunities in the world’s third largest economy

87 ❱ Asia Equities Asia is an increasingly diverse region for investors, as our fund and trust selection reveals

94 ❱ Specialist From commodities and financials to biotech and water, our specialist funds offer quality niche exposure

102 ❱ Property A selection of physical property investment vehicles and those focusing on property shares

104 ❱ Mixed Asset Funds with a range of assets, grouped according to the proportion of equities held. A great one-stop-shop option

113 ❱ Fund Finder Full listing of the Rated Funds and their Asset Groups

Editor Andrew Pitts Managing editor Faith Glasgow Rated Funds investment committee Andrew Pitts (chair), Faith Glasgow, Kyle Caldwell, Dzmitry Lipski, Moira O’Neill, Rebecca O’Keeffe Rated Funds profiles Jennifer Hill Contributors Ceri Jones, Helen Pridham, Cherry Reynard Art editor Chris Aldridge Designer Paul Elmes Production editor Gary McFarlane Sub-editor David Grove Advertising manager Trevor Leek Publishing director Jeremy King

Published by Moneywise Publishing Ltd. © 2018. Registration number 5034730. An Interactive Investor Limited company. Information provided in Your Fund Choices is only for your general information and is not intended to address your personal requirements. Independent professional advice should be obtained before making any investment decisions. The value of investments can go down as well as up. Past performance cannot be relied upon as a guide to future returns. Where information consists of pricing and performance data, the data has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Although verified by Your Fund Choices, this data cannot be guaranteed by Your Fund Choices.

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