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FeaturesYour Fund Choices for 2017

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6 ❱ What are Rated Funds? Consistently good performance and clear asset group definitions are hallmarks that make them great choices for investors

9 ❱ The world in 2017 We look at the key themes investors should follow, or avoid, for 2017 – and some of the strategies adopted by Rated Funds managers

12 ❱ Inflation protection As inflation starts to rear its head, which Rated Funds could help protect income investors?

4 Money Observer ✮ Your Fund Choices ✮ February 2017

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14 ❱ Funds versus trusts Investment trusts and funds can be a great way to invest. But which will best meet your needs? We outline the key differences between them 15 ❱ Asset allocation Your risk profile will determine the ideal blend of holdings in your portfolio. We offer a wealth of expert ideas and suitable Model Portfolios 18 ❱ Investing for income An update on the fortunes of the 2016 Rated Fund portfolio for a £10,000 annual income, plus new ideas for the coming year

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21 ❱ Children’s choices Three portfolios for regular investors looking to build up a nest-egg in their child’s Junior Isa

22 ❱ The SRI challenge Donald Trump may be no friend to ethical investors, but his presidency is no reason to be dissuaded from putting principles before profit

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