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STAY UP TO DATE ON RATED FUNDS Visit Money Observer’s dedicated Rated Funds portal for daily updated factsheets, current performance, commentary and video content for all 198 Rated Funds. You can also view the current best and worst performers over short and longterm periods as a whole or within the 16 asset groups. Visit moneyobserver. com/rated-funds-2017.

24 ❱ UK Growth UK funds should form the core of a UK investor’s growth-oriented portfolio

34 ❱ UK Equity Income Funds with a focus on dividends to suit incomeand growth-oriented investors

42 ❱ UK Smaller Companies Small cap funds remain ideal longer-term choices

46 ❱ Sterling Bonds Consider bond funds for capital preservation, reliable income and offsetting riskier investments

50 ❱ Global Growth The world is your oyster. We sift through the mass of global growth funds for the pearls

61 ❱ Global Equity Income Investors should consider casting their nets wider than the UK for income opportunities

67 ❱ Global Bonds For extra diversification, we highlight funds that excel in the global fixed income market

70 ❱ Global Emerging Markets Investors should have some suitable exposure to the world’s fastest-growing economies

77 ❱ Regional Equities A smorgasbord of the best funds and trusts investing in Asia, Europe, Japan and the US

95 ❱ Specialist Rich pickings from benchmark-beating specialist funds and trusts with proven pedigrees

103 ❱ Property A selection of physical property investment vehicles and those focusing on property shares

106 ❱ Mixed Asset – Lower Risk Lower-risk mixed asset funds can be a good onestop shop for cautious investors

109 ❱ Mixed Asset – Higher Risk Higher-risk mixed asset funds could be used as a solid core for more specialised fund ‘satellites’

114 ❱ Fund Finder Comprehensive listing of Money Observer’s Rated Funds and their Asset Groups

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