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4-6 Saying yes to God Mother of five Citra Abbott says that Benedict XVI wants Catholics around the world to focus on the humanity of the unborn during the season of Advent

8-9 Meditation Pastor Iuventus says that Advent gives us a magnificent opportunity to allow the Lord Jesus to be conceived in our inmost souls

10-14 Defending life What John Paul II called the ‘culture of death’ is based on a flight from God, says Fr Rupert McHardy

15 Music The staunchly Protestant Queen Elizabeth I allowed one man to compose Latin Mass settings under her very nose, says critic Michael White

‘It is fitting that Benedict XVI has called for a Vigil for All Nascent Human Life on the eve of Advent’ CITRA ABBOTT


16 Cookery Fr Tim Gardner OP goes in search of the one taste that, like Proust’s madeleine, evokes the whole of Christmas for the people of today

17-18 End piece Last November Scott P Richert and his wife lost their unborn child. But family, friends and faith helped them to find consolation


Guide to Advent The calendar

November 28: First Sunday of Advent

November 29: Weekday of Advent

November 30:

St Andrew December 1: Weekday of Advent

December 2: Weekday of Advent

December 3: St Francis Xavier

December 4: St John Damascene

December 5: Second Sunday of Advent

December 6: St Nicholas December 7: St Ambrose December 8: The Immaculate Conception

December 9: St Juan Diego December 10: St John Roberts December 11:

St Damasus December 12: Third Sunday of Advent

December 13:

St Lucy December 14: St John of the Cross

December 15: Weekday of Advent

December 16: Weekday of Advent

December 17: Weekday of Advent

December 18: Weekday of Advent

December 19: Fourth Sunday of Advent

December 20: Weekday of Advent

December 21: St Peter Canisius December 22: Weekday of Advent

December 23: St John of Kanty December 24: Weekday of Advent

November 2010 Advent THE CATHOLIC HERALD 3