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A conductor of passion and compassion. Many musicians consider Maestro Lorin Maazel to be th e finest orchestral conductor since Toscanini. The comparison is signi£cant, both musically and hi storica lly. For it was Toscanini who, in 1941, invited the 11-year-old Lorin to conduct the legendary NBC Symphony.

and recorded 275 titl es . His dedication to broadening t he appeal of classical music through te le vi sion has endeared him to a vast new audience of music fa ns.

ance must be like Life itself:'

Maazel real ises hi s passionate be li efs in compassionate actio ns. Thus, most recently, hi s g lobaLly te levised CLASSIC-AID concert rai ed milli ons of dollars for the hungry.

Today Lorin Maazel enjoy th e admiration and affection of musiclovers t he world over. Blessed w ith absolute pitch and an awesome memory, he has maste red virtually t he entire classical symphony repertoire. H e was th e very first American to conduct Wagner at Bayreuth and Mozart at Sa lzburg . Since then he has conducted some 4,000 concerts around th e g lobe

With it a Ll , Maazel retains a boy ish sense of humour. H e has writte n, fo r example, a n awardwinning comedy f'Jm, A Week in The Lle of' a COJzouctolj a parody of popular misconception s.

But t he man w ho refuses to be stuFfY about hi s professio n is most serious about hi s mu ic. "There is no music without Life, no Life without passion, no passion without compassion ," he says. "A perform -

Perhaps unwittingly, Maestro Maazel pa id Rolex the greatest possible compliment when he stated, quite simply, "I have a lways worn a Rolex:' For this is a man who has known s ince boy hood exact ly w hat he wanted. His career has justified that early decision brilliantly .

And we are content th at he also decided-year s ago - t hat Rolex was hi s watch. ROLE X

of Geneva

T HE ROLEX OYSTERQUARTZ DAY-DATE CH RON01\\ETER IN ISCT. GOLD. 13EZEL AND DIAL SET WITH D IA1\\0NDS. ALSO AVA ILABLE IN ISCT. WHITE GOLD. On ly a se lec t group of jewe llers se ll Rolex wa tches. For th e add ress of your nearest Rolex jewe ll e r, and for furthe r info rmatio n o n th e complete range of Rolex wa tches, write to:

The Ro lex \Vatc h Company Limited, 3 S tratford Place, London \V IN OER o r te lepho ne 07 1-629 5071.

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