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Oriana ( 1861) by Frederick Sandys.

She's waiting for you. But only until November 8th.

Thanks to BP's support, each year the T ate is able to give every one of its galleries new displays, shedding fresh light on familiar masterpieces with rarely-seen major works from its vaults.

Frederick Sandys' beautiful and enigmatic Oriana is one such treasure which has been on show during 1993.

But if you want to see her (and the many other magnificent PreRaphaelites) do visit soon because BP's continuing support means another great work from the T ate's unseen collection will take Oriana's place on November 8th.

For all our tomorrows.

TateGallery Millbank. London SWI P 4RG.Tel: 071 887 8000. Open Mon-Sat I Oam-5.50pm, Sunday 2pm-5.50pm.

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