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Cover: Rcbccca Evans in coslllme as Cindcrella for Welsh National Opera

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Opera news and features War music- return of The Troj ans; Wexford gets out the red carpet (6) • Walton legacy- th e sin gers ' co urse on Isc hia (8) • Michael Berkeley on Baa baa black sheep ( I 0) • WNO comm issi ons Maxwell Davies opera (12) • news in brief ( 15)

Opera People Andrew Stewart meets two stars ofENO's new Lohengrin: tenor John Keyes and baritone Malco lm Donnell y

Cover feature The centre-piece of Welsh National Opera's wide-ranging Cinderell a project is Massenet's opera starr ing Rebecca Evans. Andrew Stewa rt reports

Sydney Opera House Michael Shmith celebrates the 20th ann iversary of an opera house that is so much more th an an opera house

Singers of the Century Antonio Cort is made 'Nessun dom1a' famous before Luciano Pavarotti. John Steane reports

What makes a singer Tra ining to be an opera sin ger could not be described as a primrose path. Andrew Peggie offers a guide to what th e conservatoi res offer

Opera Jobs Crit ics have labe ll ed thi s the age of the director. Few are more controversial than David Alden, who ta lks fra nkly to Anne Ingli s about hi s personal appro ach to opera

Opera Guide Pu rs uing this month 's Cinderella theme, Noel Goodwin introduces the Massenet version of the opera, on tour with Welsh Nati onal Opera thi s autumn

Opera World George Hall exp!Qres some exotic manifestat ions of opera in the Spanish capital of Madrid

REGULARS Letters ... 19 Fi rst Nig hts ... 38 Opera in View .. . 48 Audio Reviews ... 52 Box Office ... 57 Li stings ... 59 In rec ital ... 67 Live rev iews .. . 70 Scene and Heard ... 71

Swan-song for Horne

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We do our best to avokl tnaccuracles but If you beleve that ., """' has been made pleaoe con1act the edhor straight ftft8Y before taking ill"( other action lllCI he will do what needs to be done to put the matter rlghl

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